Basheer Tome

I'm a hardware interface designer at the MIT Media Lab.

Gmail, Tweetbot, Line, & Digg Reader.

I've done a variety of projects that span from ux, to research, to kitchen tools and I'm probably most proud of my toaster. It still feels like it's far ahead of its time and yet can connect with people on such a basic level.

I love working in cafe's; it's like an open office except all the ambient noise is only rarely relevant to you, so it creates a nice white wash.

The trend of creating these low-poly, geometric and almost crystalline designs is still fairly killer for me. I love how it's suddenly become relevant again through new materials, textures, and lighting methods.

Convince a really great small team of designers & technologist to open up a spot for me to join and learn alongside them while letting me focus on what I love most: designing the physical interface elements of products like buttons, knobs, switches, etc.

I'm 100% jealous I didn't make the Teenage Engineering OP-1. It's phenomenal.

I would definitely be a cinematographer or motion graphics artist. And if that's too close to home then chef is pretty high up there.

I still play Super Hexagon almost daily while I'm using the bathroom. No shame.

Linda Eliasen, Paul Stamatiou, Ray Sison