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Hannah Coughlin
Designer at Vevo - San Francisco
Introduce yourself in few words

Product Designer for Vevo

What are the first websites or apps you use in the morning?

Wake up to and Tumblr for inspiration.

What projects have you worked on and are the most proud of?

Worked on, Vevo for iOS  and some cool stuff that comes out later this year 🙂 Previously I worked on Fan.TV  and SF Cocktail Week.

What kind of places inspire you to work?

Any museum, coffee house or park under the trees.

Any idea, concept or trend you really like at the moment?

Clean lines and white space are coming back!

Ideally, what would be the next steps in your career / life?

I’m not much of planner, when it comes to my future, and that is how I got to be where I am today. I just follow the steps as they come, it takes a lot of faith. 

Which websites, apps or products do you see and think: I wish I did it?

Rdio : because I use it EVERYDAY! 

BOX User Tutorial : the screen transitions are DOPE!

Monument Valley : Just all around AMAZING, and worth the $3.99 to buy.

What job would you have chosen if you weren't working in tech?

Dog Walker and Nanny, I’d live simply. 

Which games, silly apps or websites do you secretly love?
3 people to recommend for WHO’S WEB?

Chip Hultin, Freelance Graphic Designer

Ryan Werth, Founder, Pretty Clever

Brian Yee, Graphic Designer at NerdWallet