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Joshua Sortino
Founder at Everdwell - San Francisco
Introduce yourself in few words

Designer & Founder of Everdwell, Ex-Disqus

What are the first websites or apps you use in the morning?

The first app I use in the morning is usually to catch me up on industry news and Digg or Alien Blue to catch me up on world news.

What projects have you worked on and are the most proud of?

I’m always most proud of the next thing I’m working on but never what I’ve done. My latest project is Everdwell but I’m most proud/excited about what we’re going to be doing next with the product, not what it does today.

What kind of places inspire you to work?

It took me a really long time to get to a point where I was somewhat content with my sources of inspiration. and Dribbble help me get past writers block or designers block but the best inspirational feedback usually comes from close friends.

Any idea, concept or trend you really like at the moment?

I’ve been seeing a lot of Wikipedia redesigns. Someone needs to build a brand new Wiki platform from scratch. I don’t think Wikipedia could update anytime soon but the millions of other sites currently using Wikis (and millions of sites that will) could take advantage of a more well-designed platform.

Ideally, what would be the next steps in your career / life?

I’m making this up as I go and haven’t decided on a definite path yet. I want to build companies and products and grow teams. That’s something I’ve always enjoyed.

Which websites, apps or products do you see and think: I wish I did it?

Many times I was 90% sold on an idea but didn’t commit the last 10%. All of those times someone else was able to execute and build an awesome product or multi-million dollar business. I think Slack is my new favorite “I could have done that” idea. But as they say, “hindsight is 20/20.”

What job would you have chosen if you weren't working in tech?

 I’ve always loved design and strategy so, if I couldn’t work in tech, I would want a job that allows me to be creative and strategic. A CEO of a non-tech company could be fun. If anything, I do love to write.

Which games, silly apps or websites do you secretly love?

Secret. It’s my new addiction.

3 people to recommend for WHO’S WEB?

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Alec Schmidt, Product Designer at Disqus

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