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Nadim Raad
Designer at Google - San Francisco
Introduce yourself in few words

I am a designer at Google working on the Social team.

What are the first websites or apps you use in the morning?

Twitter, Gmail, Designer News, Eurosport

What projects have you worked on and are the most proud of?

I designed and developed a bunch of websites for independent makers, art galleries and upcoming artists. Success is when I get the chance to collaborate with talented folks such as Michael Sieben, Deborah Adler or C2C. For me, being successful is when a client (I hate this word) becomes a friend and we have a relationship that goes beyond the work I’m doing for or with this person. I’m also currently working on some cool Social stuff at Google so I am excited on what’s next!

What kind of places inspire you to work?

I love to work from my home office now that it has inspiring prints on the walls and good music playing. For inspiration, I love to walk on the streets of San Francisco: lots of things are happening in this city! I observe buildings, architecture, bookshops, parks and people.

Any idea, concept or trend you really like at the moment?

I am a big fan of anonymous social apps such as Secret.

Ideally, what would be the next steps in your career / life?

I want to design and build products that people use on a large scale. We got so much left to do to make our lives simpler… I am lucky to be part of our world as it is today: we have all the people and resources available to change the way we interact, share and speak to each other. Let’s do it!

Which websites, apps or products do you see and think: I wish I did it?
What job would you have chosen if you weren't working in tech?

I would be a professional soccer player or a Chef in a French restaurant.

Which games, silly apps or websites do you secretly love?

Have you heard about Crazy Taxi on iPhone ? So good.

3 people to recommend for WHO’S WEB?

Coralie Sabin, Product Designer at ZOZI
Alexis Porhiel, Product Designer Visually
Naz Hamid,  founder of Weightshift