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Trista Yard
Designer at Huge - San Francisco
Introduce yourself in few words

I’m a Senior Visual Designer working for Huge in San Francisco, CA.

What are the first websites or apps you use in the morning?

The “trifecta” of my morning internet perusing includes: Pinterest, Twitter and

What projects have you worked on and are the most proud of?

The project that I am most proud of is definitely It was a very large scale project with interesting challenges and I couldn’t have been happier with the final website, my team did a great job!

What kind of places inspire you to work?

I’ve always enjoyed working from coffee shops. Caffeine, good people watching and free wifi! Can’t go wrong.

Any idea, concept or trend you really like at the moment?

I’m really digging the “Baroque” style of photography/illustration that seems to be currently trending. It’s a classic look and feel that evokes a sense of sophistication in any design.

Ideally, what would be the next steps in your career / life?

I would really love to start teaching design at a university level as a side gig.

Which websites, apps or products do you see and think: I wish I did it?

The Capitol Couture website by Watson Dg is hands down one of my favorite sites to be released in the last few years.

What job would you have chosen if you weren't working in tech?

I have a degree in Art History, if I wasn’t designing for a living I would be teaching young adults about art!

Which games, silly apps or websites do you secretly love?

I love Pinterest. I’m obsessed with it.

3 people to recommend for WHO’S WEB?

Geof Crowl, Interactive Designer at Rally Interactive

Russell Tabet, interactive designer working for Welikesmall

Stacey Atkinson, Senior Visual Designer at Huge/KingCoyle